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Cubicity model #019 – Volkswagen bus


Here’s a treat for all you hippies out there – a true to the form Volkswagen bus. As a child, when these were a common sight on the streets, I always dreamed of having one for the family. In the 70ies and 80ies, a Volkswagen bus was the pinnacle of self-propelled transportation. So it was only natural that Cubicity had to have these as well. I will add more color variants soon, but for now you have to live with the lemony yellow.

Here is the template.

And here – by request – is a red version

Since this is a simple box – as are all Cubicity models – you can actually use it to stow away / carry Cubicity people. About six to eight should fit in there comfortably.

Cubicity model #018 – Grandmother

This is Grandma. Well, I’m not exactly sure who’s Grandma anyway, but it’s always useful to have one of the elder nice ladies around. Kasperl and Seppl will claim she’s theirs, but as far as I can tell the two are neither siblings nor cousins, so it’s obviously more complicated than that. Anyway, she will always be there to give you a nice warm piece of fresh apple pie, independent of whether you have family relations with her or not.

Here is the template.

Cubicity model #017 – Seppl

This is Seppl, Kasperl’s best friend and trusted companion. In the traditional German Kasperltheater he usually looks like the stereotypical Oktoberfest German, what with his Lederhosen and pointy green hat. Being reduced to a cube, there is not much left of the pointy hat, but I am somewhat partial to the slightly bizarre cap into which the hat turned:

The name Seppl, by the way, is a short form of ‘Josef’ – just like Joe is in English.

Here is the template.

Cubicity model #016 – the King


Royalty has arrived in Cubicity – all hail the king! He is without a queen, as of now (but this should change in the not too distant future), but nevertheless the proud and just ruler of his square kingdom.

Here is the template.

Cubicity model #014 – Gretel


This is Gretel, the traditional female lead in the German Kasperl theater, where she plays a similar role as Judy for Mr. Punch. Gretel is very mild tempered and good-natured, and her most important task is to keep Kasperl’s antics at bay.

Here is the template.

Cubicity model #012 – Crocodile

At first glance, you might confuse the crocodile with the swamp monster, both being green and somewhat menacing and all. Crocboy, however, would strongly object. He claims to actually be quite a nice and wellbehaving crocodile, who’d never do anybody harm. Big boyscout promise.

Here is the template.

Cubicity model #010 – palm tree

Here are happy little trees to go with the cubicity population. Not exactly a precise copy of nature, but the boxy people like them. When you make them, you assemble them like they were just a rather long box. However, since they have cuts along their four sides, you can push the top down, so that the ‘leaves’ fold out.

Here is the template.

Cubicity model #008 – Scientist’s swamp monster

Meet Swampy the swamp monster. Swampy was created by the scientist (yes, you heard right: The scientist) in one of his many failed experiments to solve the problem of mortality. Although his appearance may suggest otherwise, Swampy is very good-natured and an A-ok monster. At least as long as it’s near his master…

Here is the template.

Cubicity model #007 – Scientist

You can’t call him exactly an egg head, but he lives for science and for science only. A truly brilliant mind, he is constantly occupied with sciencey stuff. Which seems to be quite dangerous, or why else would he need these immense safety goggles?

Here is the template.

Cubicity model #005 – Theodore the cat

The first cubicity animal (stay tuned for more of the little critters). As far as cats go, Theodore is a pretty relaxed and mellow guy. Be careful, though: He knows he’s pretty cute, he is fully aware of the godlike status of cats on the internet, and he doesn’t hesitate to use this knowledge to his full advantage.

Here is the template.

Cubicity model #003 – Lucy

Hi, meet Lucy. She is the daughter of Mr. Tuxedo guy and the blue lady.

If you ask her brother Dirk, he will tell you that Lucy can be a real nuisance. Being the older sister, the balance of power is certainly tipped towards her, but Dirk has a few tricks of his own up his sleeve.

Here is the template.