my name is Markus, and I design paper models. I love to work with paper: It’s versatile, you can build virtually anything with it, and it is accessible, that is, everybody can work with paper. It doesn’t take much more than glue and scissors, and – if you want to use downloadable models like the ones on Digitprop.com – a computer and printer.

In that sense, paper is a truly democratic medium, and a great source of fun both for children and adults. And the relative fragility of papercraft models lends them a very peculiar quality: You can see the wear and tear of handling them, and so they command some care, but at the same time they can be ‘modded’ infinitely: You can color them, recolor them, glue beads, feathers and whatever else is at hand to them, you can repair and upcycle them – there is no end to the possibilities.

Most of the models I create and put up on the website are free for you to download, print and build. Some things on the site are actually links to the great things other people on the internet have made.

If you need some inexpensive, quick to build toys or a nice, creative way to spend some time, possibly with kids, feel cordially invited to download the templates on this site. I’d be very happy to hear from you in the comments or via the contact form.

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