Cubicity model #014 – Gretel


This is Gretel, the traditional female lead in the German Kasperl theater, where she plays a similar role as Judy for Mr. Punch. Gretel is very mild tempered and good-natured, and her most important task is to keep Kasperl’s antics at bay.

Here is the template.

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    1. admin,

      Sorry, my Spanish is very limited. Printing them should be no problem. Just download and open the PDF at the bottom of the page (the link ‘here is the template’), then print it as you would any other PDF document.

  1. Erica,

    Hi! Your graphics for characters are honestly the cutest. I am not the best at cutting these cubicity but they are not that sturdy even with cardstock. But I used some small rubber bands to put inside to make them heavier. Can you also make more of these? I’d go for female and male students then maybe an artist or chef. Thank you!

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