Cubicity model #023 – Cosmonaut


Here is the second protagonist of the space race – the cosmonaut. Much as his friend, the astronaut, he knows no limits but the edge of space itself.

Here is the template.

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  1. Trudy,

    Hi, You have made this grandmother’s day! My grandchildren are moving soon from a comparatively spacious brownstone in Brooklyn to a tiny apartment elsewhere in Brooklyn, so I am making all these toys, along with some blank “people” for them. They are 6 & 4 so I will do all the cutting and scoring and let them finish the assembly in their new digs. I have made 2 of some of the “people” and added feminine features, lest my granddaughter be offended. Their aunt is a scientist and I really haven’t figured how to alter that one! Thanks again. T

    1. admin,

      Thanks for your kind comment! I’m very happy you can put them to such good use. I realize there is a lack of female heroines in the set, and I will rectify that soon (especially the astronaut).

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