Cubicity model #018 – Grandmother


This is Grandma. Well, I’m not exactly sure who’s Grandma anyway, but it’s always useful to have one of the elder nice ladies around. Kasperl and Seppl will claim she’s theirs, but as far as I can tell the two are neither siblings nor cousins, so it’s obviously more complicated than that. Anyway, she will always be there to give you a nice warm piece of fresh apple pie, independent of whether you have family relations with her or not.

Here is the template.

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  1. Serena,

    I think if you make a blank one, with some arms and details to trace, kids would end up being so creative! Your graphics are great and yet with a plain one, they can choose to make their own little hero, heroine, or pet!

    1. admin,

      Thanks for the suggestion. A blank template is a good idea. I will put one online as soon as I get around to working on it.

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