Cubicity model #015 – Police officer Boroncki


This is officer Boroncki, here to keep up the law in Cubicity. I am not quite sure if the dash below his moustache is a smile or a double chin from too many doughnuts. Anyway, Boroncki is definitely one of the ‘good cops’ and here to help you.

Here is the template.

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  1. cathy,

    My kids and I love these. My daughter would love some more female characters if you are designing more. A princess one would be awesome, and company for the king.

    1. admin,

      Thanks for the suggestions. Will definitely make more female characters. Unfortunately, as I am very busy with a few other things, this will still take some time, but I will try to get to it as soon as possible.

  2. cathy,

    Officer Boroncki is one of my favourites. Would you mind if I printed some of these out and sold the templates to kids at my son’s primary school fete in Sydney, Australia? The funds all go back into the school.

    1. admin,

      Hi and thanks for the comment! If it’s a non-profit / charity event for the school, that’s fine. Feel free to use the templates. Would be great if you could let me know afterwards if it went well.

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