Little toy cottage


This little project is quite a contrast to the previously made P-Body– Not surprisingly, actually, as this was commissioned by a 4-year old girl. And girlish it is indeed:

A nice little cottage.

This can be used as a toy, or just for decoration.

The original template is a little small for playing, so you may consider scaling this up. The good news is that this is really easy to build. The template is fairly self-explanatory and should be doable even for young children (say, starting from 6-8 years? My four year old isn’t quite ready yet, though).

When I say, it’s little, I mean it. Here it is on a CD for size comparison:

Here is a different color scheme, less kitsch, more swedish cottage:

They go together quite well, and in fact with a little patience you can build a small town out of them. If there is sufficient interest in other color schemes, I will consider adding more. And probably new house types as well. Let’s see.

Here are the templates as PDFs, both for the white and red version:

White cottage (PDF)

Red cottage (PDF)

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  1. Rosie,

    Thanks a lot Markus. I made it and will give it to my student in Grade 1. I printed the template, then glue it on an old cereal box, cut it out, then glue it on, although it is not as neat as yours, but looks quite all right :-) Thanks again for posting it!

  2. Rakesh Pratap Singh,

    I made it for my 2.5 year old. He kept on wondering what was there inside the house through the door. Though the life of the house was short it made my son learn new perspectives. Thanks for posting it.

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  4. Helene,

    thank you! it will complete my little town creating my advent calendar ;o)

  5. Kathy,

    Absolutely great! I hope to make these soon, thank you for sharing!

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  7. Amanda,

    Thanks for the fun printable. My girls are building cottages this afternoon to play with their little Squinkys.

  8. naehfreundin,

    Yes please, I’d love more colours and more versions – I’m going to buy sturdy paper tomorrow and would love to build a small city. Maybe even as advent calendar, storing tiny sweets in each house. It might even be possible to illuminate the houses with LEDs…
    Before I saw these houses, I wanted to make your nativity scene as an advent calendar, but now I’m dreaming of making both ;-)
    THANKS a lot for all these great templates!

  9. Megan,

    Love this! Made one the other day to add to my collection of papercraft :)

  10. jet,

    lovely tiny houses you’ve made, i think when i have a printer i will make one as a dollhouse.
    thank you for the sharing of your great idea’s and templates!!!!

  11. Anna,

    Thank you for sharing all of these amazing creations! How generous and completely fantastic. My kids and I will love these. I can see I’ll need to buy more printer ink because I want to make everything!

  12. Ginny,

    I’m going to be up all night making papercraft. You are a great find, thank you!

  13. keri,

    Hi, Have just discovered your via Jessica at How About Orange. Your alphabet is amazzzing! These houses—-I have been searching for a house printable, something to make various sizes and shapes of houses to make with/for my 3 year old. These are exactly the kind of house I was looking for! Would love a few more variations! Thanks for taking the time to do what you do. Keri

  14. KirstenK,

    So nice…I have linked to your post at my own blog…I’ve used one of your pic’s…I hope it’s okay, if not leave a comment and I will remove it…

    1. admin,

      Hey, thanks for link! It’s appreciated- and about the pic: That’s perfectly ok.

  15. karen m.,

    Absolutely chanting! Thank you for these cottages. My children will have fun with making and playing with them. These toys will especially wonderful during the long winter. Thank you!

  16. Rachel,

    Oh my. These are adorable! They remind me of the dollhouses I had when I was little. I would love to link to these in my next Printable Kids Roundup if you didn’t mind.

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