Little toy cottage


This little project is quite a contrast to the previously made P-Body– Not surprisingly, actually, as this was commissioned by a 4-year old girl. And girlish it is indeed:

A nice little cottage.

This can be used as a toy, or just for decoration.

The original template is a little small for playing, so you may consider scaling this up. The good news is that this is really easy to build. The template is fairly self-explanatory and should be doable even for young children (say, starting from 6-8 years? My four year old isn’t quite ready yet, though).

When I say, it’s little, I mean it. Here it is on a CD for size comparison:

Here is a different color scheme, less kitsch, more swedish cottage:

They go together quite well, and in fact with a little patience you can build a small town out of them. If there is sufficient interest in other color schemes, I will consider adding more. And probably new house types as well. Let’s see.

Here are the templates as PDFs, both for the white and red version:

White cottage (PDF)

Red cottage (PDF)

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