Dino calendar 2018 edition


Some of you have already asked when the 2018 update for the dino calendar will go online. Well, ask no more, because here it is:

The 2018 edition comes as a plain white template – ready to be colored in by you. A lot of you folks have asked recently about black and white templates for coloring in, and so here it is. You can keep it plain white – which I think has a certain elegant simplicity going for it – or go wild and give your dino a personal touch.

However, if you prefer a different color, check out the links at the bottom of this page: Each past year has its own differently colored version.

And of course, for 2018 you get a complete set of monthly calendar cards:

… as well as a set of weekly cards, for those of you who want to keep closer tabs on the passage of time:

Here are the downloads:

I wish all of my dear readers a happy and prosperous year 2018! May it be a peaceful year for all of us!

And here are previous installments:

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