2014 update of the stegosaurus calendar – Monthly and weekly cards


A lot of people have asked me if I will provide 2014 cards for the stegosaurus calendar. Good news: I finally managed to update the cards.

(Den Kalender und die Karten gibt’s auch auf Deutsch, und zwar hier)


I have made monthly and weekly cards, so you can choose according to your preference. Speaking of choosing: I have added a second color, blue. So the dino is now available in blue and green. For the actual dino templates, see the original post.


  1. Bronwyn, Reply

    And April still says 2013. Thanks for the cute stego, though. My 5-year-old future paleontologist will go nuts for this!

    1. admin, Reply

      Thanks – you are right. Will it ever end? ;-) I have corrected the year for April as well.

    1. admin, Reply

      Oh my god, thanks for pointing out this huge mistake! The monthly cards for July through December are shifted by one day and thus are all wrong. I honestly don’t know how this happened, and I’m very sorry! I have uploaded a new, corrected version. So if you had downloaded the monthly cards prior to today (Dec 26), please discard them and use the corrected version!

  2. Jess, Reply

    Hey, please see page 8 of the weekly cards, they are labelled 2012 and 2013 instead of 2014. Thanks :)

    1. admin, Reply

      Hi Jess,

      oops, you are absolutely right! Thanks for the notice, and sorry for the mistake! I have corrected the file.

  3. admin, Reply

    Ronelle just notified my that there was a mistake in the weekly cards: Cards for the weeks 31-36 were labelled ‘Woche’ instead of ‘Week’. I must have accidentally slipped the German translation in there while preparing the German version. Sorry for that – I have uploaded the updated template.

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