2016 dino calendar


As promised, here is the 2016 update for the dino calendar. This includes the weekly and monthly cards as well as a brand new color edition: For 2016, I went with a classic beige/gray. But of course, you can build your dino in any of the existing colors – the templates are at the bottom of this post.


The dino calendar, for those of you not familiar with it, is a stegosaurus where each week (or month) is printed on a separate card. The cards have tabs that double as the famous stegosaurus blades.


Here is a line-up of the four colors available, green, blue, purple, and beige:



Monthly cards for 2016

Weekly cards for 2016

Beige edition stegosaurus (new for 2016)

Purple edition stegosaurus (2015)

Blue edition stegosaurus (2014)

Green edition stegosaurus (2012 and 13)





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