Halloween special – papercraft skeleton


Here is a quick little papercraft project for Halloween – a skeleton for the kids:

This one is quite easy to make, however you may need to tweak it a bit in order to have it stand stably.

Here is the PDF template:

Want even more Halloween fun? Here is Frankenstein and his monster. And here is a skeleton kitty.

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    1. admin, Reply

      Sorry, no instructions at the moment. It’s not too difficult, though, even without instructions. If time permits, I will add a brief tutorial soon.

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  4. Sophie, Reply

    I loved it and it’s so cool as I used it for the day of the dead project at school. The thing it needs to make it a lot easier is step by step pn how to make it.

    1. admin, Reply

      Thanks – I’m somewhat busy at the moment, but I’ll try to manage a step by step tutorial…

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  7. Karen, Reply

    Nice little Project. We are using it for a vocab hat at school.
    Suggestion to add faint lines on template indicating fold lines. They would be helpful for children and those not as familiar with paper crafting. Also, indicate on template that solid black lines over teeth need to be cut.
    Thank you for sharing.

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  10. Harry, Reply

    The only child that could do this in a quick amount of time is a thirty year old one who still lives with their mother and has a degree in mechanical engineering.

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  13. Lisa, Reply

    Thank you for this great template. I teach 4th grade in Germany and will definitely try this one with my students.

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    1. admin, Reply

      Wow, thanks for sharing! This looks very impressive. Can you actually see anything from in there?

  16. Tracy, Reply

    I was pretty excited about the little skeleton until I couldn’t figure out how it went together. No instructions?

    1. Aidan, Reply

      I agree with you Tracy when I saw it and printed it out I was excited to make it but I don’t know how to put it together but all the other comments seem to know what they’re doing :/ any help?

  17. Gonzalo, Reply

    Muchas gracias por compartirlo, ahora mismo me pongo a hacerlo.

    Thanks very much for sharing it. I will made for my child right now.
    Thanks a lot.

  18. Carolyn Ellis, Reply

    Thank you! Halloween is a zoo at our house. Am always looking for table props. Was looking for a project that had smart adult design sense and easy to make with my nieces – 8 and 10. This is perfect, thank you again!

  19. Rodrigo, Reply

    Great project! I love it
    note: print the template in a thick paper (not the thin one of the regular printing paper), it will help you to blend and glue the sides

  20. Eduardo, Reply

    Me encanta!!! voy a hacerlo y lo pondré en la mesa de mi oficina!

    I love it! i’m gonna put it over my office desktop! 🙂

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  22. Amy Lou-Who, Reply

    I haven’t made this yet, but I got the download via a friend on FB. I am a teacher, and I was thrilled to see that he shared this (your creation), as I was looking for a good Halloween craft for my students. I can tell you, I already like it because it will save me a ton of money buying crafts from Oriental Trading Co., which was what I was about to do today. Serendipity? I think so! I’ll update after the 31st 🙂

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    1. admin, Reply

      Sorry, definitely not intentionally. Didn’t mean to rip you off. I have simply tried to go for the simplest possible cube-like shape resembling a skull and arrived at a similar shape as you did. When you look at the templates, you will see that the construction is quite different – actually I worked from a Blender model I created myself, unfolding it with Pepakura. And mine does not have an articulate jaw.

      Having said that, I like your skull very much – nice work.

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