Frankenstein and Friend


Halloween is coming up in a few days, and here is an appropriately themed pair of models: It’s Dr. Frankenstein and his monster. And since there are still some people out there who think the monster’s name is Frankenstein, the two have donned tee shirts that explicitly make clear who is who.


By the way, the name is not where the misconceptions around this fascinating story end. For one thing, the relationship between Frankenstein and his creation was originally very complex, and was neither friendly nor completely hostile. It was mostly dominated by hatred on the part of the monster, and fear on the part of Frankenstein himself, but in the novel it got much deeper than that.


And then there is the look of the monster. Mine very loosely follows the visuals of the 1931 movie “Frankenstein”, where Boris Karloff plays the monster. However, when you read Mary Shelley’s original story, you will quickly realize that the monster should have looked quite different from Karloff’s mask (which nevertheless is great and rightfully a horror movie icon).

So, Frankenstein and his creature would never have stood next to each other in the friendly manner of these two guys here, nor would a 19th century scientist have worn a lab coat, but hey, isn’t Halloween all about taking liberties?

Here are the PDF templates:

And if you want still more Halloween paraphernalia, here is a skeleton.

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