2015 - November

Practice multiplication tables

These 20-sided dice show the numbers 1 to 10 (each two times). By using two, you can easily have your kids practice multiplication tables from 1 to 100. Make two dice, roll them, and calculate the product. Or, if you use three dice, you can practice divisions as well: Roll two for the two digits […] Read more

2015 - June

Kid-friendly papercraft: Spaceship

Many papercraft printables are not accessible to younger children – they require motor skills that only come with age. At the same time, papercrafts are a perfect pastime for young children: They teach important construction and manual skills in a playful way, let children learn about shapes and geometry, and they provideĀ a lot of space […] Read more

2015 - May

Work in progress: Paper mechanism

I am currently working on a new project which will be an animated / kinetic model, a bit similar to the multiplication machine. I have to say, a kinetic model with its moving parts is at least an order of magnitude more difficult and time consuming than a static model. Here are pictures of various […] Read more

2014 - November

Solar system

Something for astronomy geeks: Our solar system as a DIY papercraft kit. The set contains all eight planets, sad little pluto who not too long ago got demoted to 'dwarf planet', and - of course - our home star, the sun. Read more

2014 - March

Learn to tie your shoelaces

Even in this day and age of velcro, kids should learn how to tie their shoelaces. You can use a real shoe for that, but depending to what extent that shoe was in use before, this can get a bit messy. I have created a little learning tool for my kids: It’s basically a flat […] Read more