Practice multiplication tables


These 20-sided dice show the numbers 1 to 10 (each two times). By using two, you can easily have your kids practice multiplication tables from 1 to 100.


Make two dice, roll them, and calculate the product. Or, if you use three dice, you can practice divisions as well: Roll two for the two digits of the number to be divided, and the third for the divisor.

Since the numbers 1-4 are a bit boring, I have provided a second version where these numbers appear just once on the die, and the number 6, 7, 8, and 9 appear three times.

Alternative, you can use these 8-sided dice:


They show the numbers 3-10, eliminating the “trivial” numbers 1 and 2. They are a bit easier to make, and allow you to focus on the actually difficult parts of the multiplication table.


You can also combine both, using one 8-sided die for the tens, the 20-sided die for the units, and the other 8-sided die for the divisor:


Here are the templates:

Icosahedra with numbers 1-10

Icosahedra with numbers 1-10, where 6-9 are overrepresented

Tetrahedra with numbers 3-10


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  1. Edna Siu,

    It is a creative way to do math, I am sure kids love math better with these dices. Thanks.

    1. admin,

      They do, and in fact it makes life easier for the parents / teachers, too – I came up with the idea because I was tired of thinking of ‘random’ multiplication problems. The human brain tends to repeat the same ones, especially when trying not to…

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