2016 dino calendar


As promised, here is the 2016 update for the dino calendar. This includes the weekly and monthly cards as well as a brand new color edition: For 2016, I went with a classic beige/gray. But of course, you can build your dino in any of the existing colors – the templates are at the bottom of this post.


The dino calendar, for those of you not familiar with it, is a stegosaurus where each week (or month) is printed on a separate card. The cards have tabs that double as the famous stegosaurus blades.


Here is a line-up of the four colors available, green, blue, purple, and beige:



Monthly cards for 2016

Weekly cards for 2016

Beige edition stegosaurus (new for 2016)

Purple edition stegosaurus (2015)

Blue edition stegosaurus (2014)

Green edition stegosaurus (2012 and 13)





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  1. Floriana,

    Buonasera, vorrei realizzare lo stegosauro come lavoretto per natale. Mi servirebbe il calendario 2017, può dirmi se c’è una versione 2017?

    1. admin,

      Hi, sorry I don’t speak Italian, but here is what Google Translate did for me:

      La versione per il 2017 sarà disponibile a breve. Lavorerò su di esso a volte nei prossimi giorni.

      So, yes, there will be a 2017 version soon. If you want to get notified when it is available, you can register for the newsletter.

  2. Katrina,


    I absolutely love this. My girls love dinosaurs, however, we are so close to the end of 2016 I was wondering if and or when 2017 might be released so I can keep an eye out please.

    Thanks heaps

    1. admin,

      Don’t worry, there will definitely be a 2017 version. And it will be here in time before 2017 comes around. I can’t say when exactly, but I hope I can give you an update soon. You can subscribe to my newsletter if you want to get informed about the calendar update.

  3. Frida,

    thanks!!! mmm i`m not very good at english please use the traductor
    GRACIAS por ponerlo gratis! está padrísimo lo usaré bien :) gracias

  4. Heather Coleman,

    Do you have folding instructions for the dinosaur?
    Having trouble putting together :)

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  6. Melany,

    Very excited to print this out and give one to each of my friends. They’ll get a kick out of it!!

  7. Trevor,

    Week 48 of the Weekly Cards for 2016 (last page of PDF) says Dec 2015 rather than Dec 2016.

    1. admin,

      Thanks for catching this one! And sorry for the typo, which happened when I updated the 2015 files for 2016! I have uploaded the corrected version.

  8. Carla,

    Thank you! Making this for my nephews as a Christmas gift. They LOVE dinosaurs.

  9. MPaula,

    I will put this on top of the fridge as an ornament. I will stick each month/week on the front of the fridge so I can get a quick look at the date as I head out the door … So, maybe purple will stick out in my red, yellow, orange kitchen … all the better to notice it!

  10. Edna Siu,

    wow, it is lovely, thanks for your effort, and it will definitely on my desk top

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