Alphabeticals: My papercraft alphabet as a book


Great news: My papercraft alphabet is coming out as a book! So for those of you who felt that printing and cutting out the 26 letters was a bit too much of a time investment (which, frankly, I absolutely understand), here is your chance of making the alphabet:




The letters in the book are die cut, ready to be broken out of the page very easily. Here is a look inside:





Here is a little video:

The book will be available in the UK at the beginning of March. Here is the Amazon link, for instance. The book makes a nice gift for preschool and kindergarten kids – anybody learning to read and write. Actually, I have found that older children love it, too, even if they are well beyond first grade.

As for other countries, for the time being you would have to order it from a source in the UK, I’m afraid, but there is a chance that it will eventually be published in the US and/or Germany as well. Let’s see – depends on how well it works out in the UK, I think.

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  1. naehfreundin,

    Markus, the book is so lovely.
    My kid and I hat a lot of fun making the letters and I’ve already bought a second copy to give to a friends daughter as a gift.


  2. Emily, Yi,

    it’s awesome..
    Here is Korea. i have a daughter. she is 9-year-old.
    we like to make books and paper toys. i would like to keep in touch with you.

    have a great day^^

    1. admin,

      Great to hear from far away (from my perspective) Korea! Thanks for your message! My daugher is 8, so we have kids about the same age. By all means, let’s keep in touch. You can send me a message via the contact form or subscribe to my newsletter.

  3. Kate,

    I would also like to see your book here in the US. Maybe you can show some comments that people here would like it, so Amazon would offer it.

    1. admin,

      Well, it’s available at Amazon US as an import. Here is the link. Amazon claims the language is French, which of course is a mistake (I notified them, but they haven’t corrected it yet).

      With some luck, we (i.e. the UK-based publisher and me) will find a US-based publisher who will make it available directly in the US market. However, this will definitely still take a while.

    1. admin,

      Thanks! Let’s see about the US – I’d really love to see it being published in the US. Publishers there will probably want to see how it fares in the UK. I have noticed that you can order it from the website, though, via some importers. It’s not officially available yet, so maybe Amazon will offer the import themselves, once it is.

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