3D printed cookie cutter bear



My wife found a very nice idea on the web for cookie bears holding almonds. Naturally, we wanted to have those bears, too. However, we didn’t have a bear-shaped cookie cutter. So I turned to Thingiverse and found this very nice cutter¬†from user¬†rozoom, which not only cuts out bears, but also makes dents for the eyes and nose.

I felt that the arms could be a bit longer, in order to be easier to wrap around the almond, so I created a slightly modified version. Works like a charm:

2014-12-13 15.43.36




And – as a bonus – here are a few other cookies we made:





And my personal favourite, little Lederhosen bear:


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  1. Esty,

    Very sweet: allies papercrafting and cooking, how amazing and cool! Makes me want to make those bears too, yet there’s so many stuff to learn : use a 3D printer (well get one too), organise life for cool home projects…
    Nice to read you anyway!

    1. admin,

      Thanks! I have to admit, 3D printers are very time consuming. If you know (or are willing to learn) how to design 3D objects, you can have 3D prints made on demand, though (e.g. at Shapeways, but a cheaper options might be to find someone with a 3D printer in your neighbourhood; I guess some of the people selling 3D prints on Etsy would be willing to print custom jobs, too).

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