Just in time for Easter: Egg hats


Here is a silly little idea I had for Easter: Egg hats.


They actually turned out quite nicely, and are a nice touch to colored or plain eggs. And they are made completely from paper. We have:

… the top hat for the distinguished egg head:





…the fedora, for eggs of fashion:



… the sombrero, to protect against the midday sun of – sorry, couldn’t resist – Meggsico:



… the peaked cap:




… the wizard’s hat for magic eggs:



… the tricorne for eggs fighting for independence:



… the propeller cap for nerdy eggs:



The hats are relatively simple to make, but since they need to be rather small, they can still be a hassle. In order of increasing difficulty, the top hat is by far the simplest, followed by the wizard’s hat, sombrero and peaked cap. Then come the tricorne, propeller cap, and the fedora is the most difficult one. The latter is constructed from a relatively complex polygonal mesh, and being so small in size makes it actually a bit finnicky to assemble.

Anyway, I have prepared the templates in PDF format. Most contain color variations, so please print the pages with the colors you like – or make multi-colored sets of the same hat type, which should also look quite nice.

Have fun, and happy Easter!

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  1. Irene,

    So far I made four of the hats for my grand daughter’s Easter Basket. I did the Wizard’s,tricorner, top hat and beanie. I used plastic eggs and glued them on. I used paper glue and if she wants she can take them off and use them on her dolls. They are soooo, cute and I know my grand daughter is going to love them. Thanks for the patterns I truly appreciate them.

  2. Estelle,

    Hello Markus,
    Yeap just on time! I can sleep ok now that I’ve got the perfect Meggsican ;-) The sombrero is my favourite of the collection. Also I had no luck with my printer and the verso wasn’t right were it should have. Soooo thanks a lot, I am amazed at your work, can’t figure out how you manage: job, kids, and skill full passion! It gives me a goal to achieve in life ;-)

  3. Trudy,

    Guess who was looking for some Easter Bonnets! I love your creations. Thanks so much for sharing them.

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