And another elephriend custom: Devil




Ok, here is the third (and possibly final) installement of my three-piece series of elephriend customs: The devil elephriend.



He is the evil (and grumpy) counterpart to the angel elephriend.

PS: The third one is the steampunk elephriend.

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  1. Gail Hensler,

    Could you direct me in the right way to find a blank template of the Elephriend? I have been looking on the net for hours and keep coming to links that no longer work or closed accounts. I really need to find this as soon as I can. I want to have a small group of children I work with, make it for fun. I surely would appreciate any help with this. Thank you so much.

    1. admin,

      Hi, it seems the Urban Paper Collective website is offline :-(. I actually just found out, prompted by your message. That’s a bit sad, I really liked what they did. The best way to get an original template would be to contact one of the members of the UPC. I have found an archived version of their website in the Internet Archive, which contains a list of members with links to their contact info.

  2. Ray,

    These are really cute and easy to make. Can I ask. I have a robocraft cutter and can see that page 2 should work with this! How do I set it up? Sorry, only had it a couple of days!

    1. admin,

      Hi, I’m not sure if it works as is, i.e. as a PDF file. Give me a bit of time, and I will get back to you with something that works with the CraftRobo.

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