Two new card holders


Remember the businesscard holders from 2011, the butler and the scientist? Well, as requested by my daughter and the son of a good friend of ours, I had to make two new ones.

I hesitate to call them business card holders, as the design makes it a bit unlikely that they will be used for business cards. But kids have all kinds of cards and pieces of paper that need to be organized as well, so here we are.

The first is a beaver, as my daughter has recently determined that beavers are her favourite animals. That probably goes back to a photo I took of a woodchuck on a trip to Canada that she recently saw, and although I explained that there is quite a difference between the two species, to her it was the same thing.



The second was for a boy, and you can tell by the theme. He wanted ‘something wild west’, and I decided to go with a tough lucking sheriff.



Here is a photo of the butler card holder from a different angle, so that you can see how they are supposed to work.


Here are the PDF templates:

When you make them, there is a section with several parallel folds extending from the bottom. Fold these into a wedge shape and glue it on top of the bottom. It makes the cards stand up from the bottom at a slight angle so that they are easier to pick up.  Here is a tutorial on how to make the holder.

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  2. marie,

    Thank you so much! Your designs are quirky! You are so talented! There”s a book in the making!
    Very generous of you to publish!


  3. Sara,

    These are so cool! For your next batch, could you make a couple of musicians? Maybe one of a guitar player and another of a flute player? That would be awesome!

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