Clown invitation card


I haven’t posted in a long while, and the reasons are twofold: First, my job is currently keeping me extremely busy, which hopefully is a temporary problem only. And second, I am currently working on a papercrafting project that is much more complex than originally anticipated. I hope it will soon see the light of the day…

In the meantime, please see below a little project I made for my daughter’s birthday: A clown playing the concertina as an invitation card.


The concertina unfolds and reveals the text of the invitation. The clown will stand upright if you don’t open the card too much.



This is how it looks from the front (no text yet):




In order to actually write on the card, it’s best to flip the inner part out, like so:



The card is quite simple to make: Just cut out the three parts, glue the two clowns together at their back, and glue the inner part of the concertina to the clowns. Make sure that you use light cardboard – normal printer paper is too thin and will not allow the card to stand upright.

Here is the PDF template.



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  1. jet,

    aaaw this one is cute!!!
    Glad that you found some time to share, i wish you good luck with the giant project and the hard labour at your job.
    Be careful with yourself. It’s for a while okay to drawn under your work but… not too long.
    thank you for the sharingXD

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