Stegosaurus calendar: 2013 edition


Just in time for the end of this year (and Christmas, in case you want to make this as a gift for someone), I have updated the stegosaurus calendar (you will find the template for the stegosaurus itself behind this link).

This time, I have decided to make cards for a weekly calendar as well as for a monthly one:

The weekly calendar allows for notices and appointments to be added to the cards, but is a lot of work. After all, you have to print and cut out 52 cards.

Here are the PDFs:

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  1. Ferm,

    Your ideas are innovative and make activities at home with my 3 year old fun. can you upload a 2015 calendar please

  2. teaha .h,

    why on earth do i only come across this site now?? thanks for sharing all these awesome stuffs! ~regards from malaysia :)

  3. Kathy,

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent and hard work! The MTC forum suggested this site. I’m rather hooked on cutting and making things in 3D. This file will be great for my grandson.

  4. viki,

    hi there! this is soo cute! thanks for the great creative work and for sharing!
    kisses from germany

  5. Sas,

    Love it! Saw it last october and regretted not seeing it sooner, now I’m going to make it for my 6 yr old dinosaurfan :)

  6. Newrum,

    This is by far the most interesting calendar I’ve seen. I’m happy that you shared it with us. So thank you :)

  7. Susie,

    Perfect timing! My grandson and I made one last year for his teacher, and she loved it. He was so proud to see it on her shelf, day after day. He had just asked if we could make another one this year for his teacher, who just “happened” to mention that he too loved dinos. I hope there will be many dino updates to come! The alphabet is very popular too. We made a set for my grandson, and another as a birthday gift for his friend, who just fell in love with my grandson’s alphabet. These are memories that will be treasured in years to come. Thank you beyond words. Blessings To You And Yours This Holiday Season And Throughout The New Year.

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