T is for Tiger


The tiger is again easy to make. I realized soon after having finished the design, that he looks much more clueless and much less fierce than his relative, the lion. Sorry, tiger – you may be in for a redesign in the future.

You will find the other 25 letters of the papercraft alphabet here.

Here is the template as a PDF file.

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  1. Estelle,

    Hi There, I just come by to say I made the Tiger :-) Easy one indeed. He might seem clueless but he’s definitly a cuty ^^!
    Nice work you did, thank you for sharing!
    I intend to spell TESSA, my daughter’s first name. She’s 2 and a half and this should be her first experience with “alphabet”. We’re so lucky that the animals of her name start with the same letters in french: tigre / Elèphant / serpent x2/ Astronaute :-)
    As of today I still have one snake to build but its on the way (all pieces cut!).
    Happy new 2014 to you and your loved ones. I am pretty sure to visit your site again this year :-)

    1. admin,

      Thanks for the feedback – glad Tessa’s name works out with the letters in French, too. Actually, I am very busy at the moment, but if I find a little time somtime later this year, I’d really like to redo those letters which do not work in French, with French alternatives…

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