XY chromosomes


Here is something for the science buffs – or, more specifically, the genetic engineers among you: The X and the Y chromosome:

Well, Y here lacks an arm and is quite small, but he makes up for it with his charms and not a small dosage of confidence. X, on the other hand, is all cool and laid back – she knows that no matter what, no human could exist without her. Something you can’t say of Y, much to his chagrine.

Anyway, the two of them make a nice team, what with Y’s drive for adventure and X’s down to earth ‘let’s get the job done’ attitude.

If you want to make them, here is the PDF template. It’s admittedly a bit finicky to assemble these. If used as provided, the figures will about be 6cm high. To make things a bit easier, you may want to scale up the PDF a bit when printing.


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