Papercraft piggy bank – wood edition


I’ve made a nice little template for a papercraft piggy bank. Exactly the right thing if you want to save up for a special occasion. Or to wrap up a monetary gift. It’s admittedly rather light, being made of paper and such. So to give it more weight, at least visually, I wrapped it in a wood texture:

Here are more views:

The textures are sourced from Flickr (Creative Commons, of course) users L.C. N√łttaasen and planetoftheweb – thanks, guys, for making these available!

If you make this, make sure that the coin slot has the right size for your currency. The one in the template is suitable for Euro coins (as long as we still have them, haha). Here is the rear view:

So how do you get at your money in the end? There is a built-in perforated lid at the bottom – just tear it open and voila: Happy shopping spree. It’s even resealable… sort of.

If you want to make this yourself, here is the PDF template.

And here is a blank one you can use for coloring.

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  1. Edna,

    I love this little piggy bank, I love to share with some little kids in church, I wonder if you have a plain one so the kids can choose to cut with their favorite color or with pattern paper?

  2. Kev,

    How exactly do you make it… it looks really cool but im not a papercraft expert *hehe*. do you have any instructions? if so could u pls send them to me… thx!

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