Business card holding butler



Here is one of the most pressing first world problems: Where to store your business cards. The solution: A very committed butler to hold them:

He will patiently stay put on your desk and show your business card to visitors. Even better: On his back, he holds a whole stack of them cards.

And here he is without a card:

You can make one, too, out of a sheet of cardboard. Here is the template as a PDF file. If the butler is too bourgeois for your taste, check out the mad scientist. Here is a tutorial on how to make the holder.

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  2. Steve YATES,

    It would be really good to have a version of the business card holder with the image on the “back” so that you could make a business card dispenser to leave on shop counters for people to help themselves.

    1. admin,

      Yes, thanks for the suggestion. I will do am ‘inverted’ version…

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