Valentine vase


Here is a little something I did for Valentine’s day for my significant other: A paper vase and flower.

The ‘vase’ is made from two pieces of paper, slid into each other, and the flower is a couple of cut-out petal shapes.

Here are the parts:

If you want to make this, here is the template:

As a PDF

As a Corel Draw file

As a GSD file for Craft Robo

As an SVG file

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  1. Mihoko,

    Love this design!!! I would love to get a pdf version of the template too. Thanks!

    1. admin,

      Sorry, this was an old project where I didn’t automatically upload a PDF file. I have created one just now and uploaded it. The link is at the end of the post.

  2. Elisabeth Van Impe,


    I really love your paper craft projects, also this vase is beautiful!
    Could it please be possible to receive a pdf file of the vase?
    Many thanks in advance!

    Creative regards,

    1. admin,

      Hi Elisabeth,

      thanks for the message! I will create and upload a PDF file. Unfortunately I am currently travelling abroad, so it will take me until the end of next week before I can do that.

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