Baal bust


For a kids’ church activity, my wife recently asked me whether I could create a Baal bust (don’t ask!). This is what I came up with:


It looks surprisingly good, considering that it is made entirely from cardboard. I used gold-colored acrylic paint, which turned out excellent, and makes it seem very solid. It’s only when you pick it up and realize that it weighs almost nothing that you realize that it’s not a metal object.


p1410055 p1410054

Here is it before painting:



If you want to make one, below is the PDF with the template. Beware, this is a bit more difficult than the other models on this site. The model is rather large (about 30cm tall), which makes it easier, but there are some difficult angles and narrow parts. Also, take your time and let the glue set for each part before moving on to the next. And naturally, for such a size, use sturdy cardstock, something in the range of 300 gsm or heavier.

PDF of the Baal bust

I don’t have any assembly instructions for this one. Just follow the numbering – each gluing tab goes to the corresponding edge with the same number.

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