Alphabet boxes


Here is a set of 26 box templates, one for each letter of the alphabet, available from my Etsy store.


They make a nice wrapping for a personalized gift. You can use them for initials, spell a whole name or even a little message:


Here is a video for a closer look:

They are about 5cm (2″) high when printed in A4 / US letter format. You can print them larger, of course, but you will need a printer which can handle the larger sheet size. If you don’t have access to one, most local print shops can easily print larger formats.

For the original size, I recommend 150-180gsm cardstock (about 65 lb). If you scale them up, use stronger cardstock, otherwise the boxes will be prone to warping.


You can fill them with all kinds of things, for instance little toy blocks:


Or jewelry:


Wooden pearls:


Or candy:


Here are some more examples of some boxes:

P1390354 P1390360 P1390379 P1390388 P1390411 P1390424 P1390426 P1390450

You can get the set of all 26 templates from my Etsy store. If you are on a budget, you can buy individual letters there, too.


  1. Christy,

    These look great! I think we’ll be making them for our neice and nephews for Christmas, maybe fill them with candy and send markers and stickers to decorate them with. How difficult are they to put together?

    1. admin,

      Hey Christy, they are a bit of a challenge. I wouldn’t recommend them for absolute beginners. The challenge is to get the bottom and top part (the ‘lid’) to fit well. If they are built inaccurately, they will not fit. The difficulty actually depends on the letter shape – straight letters such as ‘A’ or ‘H’ are quite easy to make. Letters with curved parts or small counters (the ‘holes’), such as ‘S’ and ‘R’ are more difficult.

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