Back from AERO Expo


One week ago, I was at the AERO Expo – a big trade show for general aviation. I was invited to join an exhibition of a couple of very talented artists who paint, design, and photograph on the topic of aviation. I highly recommend the group’s website, It’s in German, but you don’t need to speak German to appreciate the very impressive artwork.

The show was quite amazing – especially for someone like me who hasn’t been in close contact with aviation before. I have to say, I am very tempted to get into general aviation. At the moment, it’s a bit difficult due to several other very time consuming things on my agenda, but let’s see.

Here is what I showed at the exhibition – small paper airplane models. If you are interested, these are available via Etsy.




Here is the stuff, ready packed for the show. Quite a lot, as I planned (and actually did) to build models at the show, and needed some tools for that.

2015-04-14 10.32.59

After arrival, starting to set up the display:2015-04-15 09.06.14

The group raffled some artwork – each day, visitors could win two pieces by different artists. The tombola was quite some fun. My display box with airplanes went to a very nice lady from the Le Bourget airport near Paris – congratulations, if you read this!

2015-04-15 16.46.51

Here you can see the tombola in full action, with Kathrin and Tobias on stage:

2015-04-18 16.40.23

In addition to the art exhibition, the trade show itself was very nice. Here is the frame of a reconstructed vintage plane:

2015-04-16 09.17.37

Lots of ultralight aircraft:2015-04-16 09.28.31

Quite a number of beautiful vintage aircraft:2015-04-16 09.36.11

Here is a very nice (and very British!) gyrocopter:2015-04-16 09.49.16


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