Grumpy (un?)lucky cat


You may remember the paper maneki-neko or lucky cat I made a while ago. Today, I made an update to the design – meet grumpy maneki-neko.


(Disclaimer: Although this is an infinite loop, since the model is not motorized, in reality, the arm stops after a few swings).


She (did you know grumpy cat is a female?) doesn’t seem to be happy, and what she does, doesn’t exactly look like beckoning. In fact, I think she is waving you good-bye (“You’re finally leaving? Good.”).


Well, the model actually moves, and here is an animated GIF to prove it:


If you want to build a grumpy (un)lucky cat, you will find the PDF template below. Please note that this model is not exactly very easy to build, but detailed instructions can be found at the original post.

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