Five friends


Playing with the fusion of Lego® and paper, I came across a nice way of improving the ubiquitous minifigures. A simple paper layout allows to quickly add new heads, featuring whatever design you come up with. Here is the result:

The underlying design is quite simple and doesn’t require any glue. If you cut it out manually, it’s quite a hassle to get clean shapes, considering the miniature scale of things, but it’s a piece of cake for the Craft Robo:

What you do is, starting with the center, fold down all four flaps, then fold them once more to create a cube. The cube has two holes, one on the top and one on the bottom. Put the head of a minifigure inside the cube, make its stud poke out at the top hole, and put the whole thing onto the ‘neck’ of a minifigure – voila finished head transplant.

Using this basic template, I created five farm animals:

Well, four farm animals and a panda, to be precise. Although the panda tries to blend in, conformist animal that he is…

Cat and panda having a nice after-work chat on their way home to the wife and kids:


And here is the template (see also instructions here):


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