2016 - July

Tutorial for the business card holder

Some of you may remember the series of business card holders (butler, scientist, sheriff, beaver) I did some time ago. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make them: Start by cutting out along the contours of the template: Fold along the edge of the base, so that the front is at a 90° […] Read more

2015 - May

How to print A4 templates on US letter paper

History, unfortunately, led to two different paper format systems in the US and Europe – US letter and the A series (here is an interesting history of paper sizes). The PDF templates on my website are generally in the A4 format. If you are using US letter format (or any other format, for that matter), you […] Read more

2014 - January

A comprehensive backup strategy

Today I want to stray from the usual path of papercrafting and talk about something entirely different: Backup strategies. I was prompted by the recent reports of the Cryptolocker malware to reconsider my own strategy, and I think I came up with quite a nifty scheme for backups. Just as I did, you may think […] Read more

2013 - November

CorelDraw 11 crashes on Core i7 CPU

I just had to reinstall CorelDraw 11 on a relatively new machine with an Intel Core i7 CPU, running under 64 bit Windows 7. I know this is an unusual scenario, but I also know that a lot of people still use older CorelDraw versions, so I thought I’d share a problem and its solution: […] Read more

2012 - December

Tutorial: How to build the stegosaurus calendar

Here is a quick photo tutorial for those of you who want to build the stegosaurus calendar. Very importantly, make sure that you use thick enough cardboard. Something in the range of 300 g/sqm is fine. If the cardboard / paper is too light, the model will easily warp and the cards may no longer […] Read more

2012 - August

Tutorial on making the alphabet letters

Update: The alphabet is now available as a beautifully printed book. Since it contains the letters already precut, it saves a lot of time. I noticed that the papercraft alphabet created some interest among people who are not (yet) experienced in papercrafting. Therefore, some letters turned out to be a bit too difficult for some, which […] Read more

2012 - June

Determining the length of a curve in Corel Draw 11

When designing in Corel Draw, it can be very useful to know the total length of a curve. Since the curve may consist of straight and curved sections, this is not trivial, and unfortunately the user interface doesn’t help you here – it only tells you the width and height of an object. So in […] Read more

2011 - May

From Blender to Pepakura to Corel Draw to CraftRobo

Blender is an excellent open-source 3D modelling application. Pepakura Designer (short: Pepakura) is a very useful tool for papercrafting, which converts 3D models to 2D templates which can be printed on paper, cut and assembled into the original 3D model. The two are a great combination for papercrafting. In fact, I found the combination of […] Read more

Converting AVCHD files to MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVI or WMV

It so happens that my Panasonic GH-1 is capable of spitting out so-called AVCHD files (with the extension .MTS). AVCHD is supposedly superior to older video encoding formats, but a lot of old software (such as Adobe Premiere Elements 3) cannot process it. Being a strong proponent of not touching a working system, and seeing […] Read more