2011 - February

Lego Group’s fair play

Among other things, this site contains templates that can be used in conjunction with Lego┬« toys. The Lego Group is rightfully protective of their trademarks, and for anyone providing stuff related to Lego┬« bricks, it’s a good idea to follow their fair play rules. I usually despise all documents in legalese and am very easily […] Read more

Printing and cutting the templates of this site

This site features several models which can be printed and cut. You have three options: Print a model, then cut it manually Print a model, then cut it using Craft Robo Import the artwork and cutting outline into a software for whatever cutting plotter you use, and proceed as required. Option 1 is self-explanatory, for […] Read more

Converting CorelDraw to GSD files

Craft Robo’s aptly named control software Robo Master uses a proprietary file format ‘GSD’. I work with CorelDraw, and while CDR is perfect for cutting directly (and in my opinion much better suited for complex Craft Robo projects than Robo Master), there is no way around the GSD format if you want to pass on […] Read more

Paper weight and measurements

Ok, so this is one more thing where the shadow world government has failed miserably: Paper weight (technically, grammage) and dimension units, or – even worse – paper size standards. There is the big divide between continental Europe and the British empire, including its overseas colonies, but then there is also a whole mess of […] Read more