2017 - October

K’s toy horse

Now, here is something for scifi movie aficionados: K’s toy horse from Blade Runner 2049, recreated as a papercraft project. Comes complete with the date inscription at the bottom, of course... Read more

2011 - March

The Saddest Music in the World

Another movie by Guy Maddin, and equally nonconformist, fascinating, and beautiful as Careful. ‘The Saddest Music in the World’ is a very unique film, and as Careful, it comes with its very own, very unconventional visual language. It’s the 30ies, shortly before the end of probhition, and everybody is drowning in the global depression. Lady […] Read more

At the movies: Careful

‘Careful’ is set in a rural mountain village, ‘Tolzbad’. Tolzbad is under constant threat from avalanches, forcing the villagers to keep noise to a minimum. You would expect that growing up with such a burden would leave its mark in the souls of the villagers, and oh boy, it does. Tolzbad’s inhabitants are perfect showcases […] Read more