Can I Have a Kitten


I realize it has been a long while since my last post. This has been due to a few things happening simultaneously in my life which kept me very busy. A couple of projects came along, and at the same time I took on a full-time project that by definition takes up the bulk of my time. Also, the family council rightfully demanded some summertime vacation which we spent in beautiful northern Italy.

Also, I spent a good part of the remaining time on a personal software project during summer. The project is now coming to fruition, and I will present it here some time in the near future – it’s a web application for kids, and – if I may say so – quite interesting. More on that in a later update.

Anyway, I am still alive and kicking, and you can expect more frequent updates once again from here on. For starters, I’d like to show you a very nice project in which I took part. It’s a new papercraft book, beautifully illustrated by the very great Mina Braun, an incredibly talented illustrator. I was asked to do some papercraft designs for Mina’s illustrations, and was very grateful for the enjoyable collaboration. Here is Mina on Instagram, by the way.



The book answers kids’ typical question, ‘Can I have a Kitten?’ Well, now you can, dear, one made from paper. The book is a collection of paper toys, revolving around Kasper (the kitten) and his friends.

There are classical dress-up dolls with a nice assortment of outfits designed by Mina:


There are finger dolls:



And there are articulate 3D dolls:




Plus a collection of furniture and accessories for the kittens (the photos are from the yet unillustrated prototypes):

p1370726 p1370738 p1370750

Speaking of prototypes, here is a work-in-progress photo of the 3D dolls:


And here is a real-life play scene my kids created with the set:

p1380800 p1380801

The book is out in the UK, and should be available from most bookstores, including – of course – Amazon (where you can also order it internationally, should you not be based in the UK).


  1. jet,

    woooh what a nice suprise that you have made with others a book. congretualations.
    and how cute are those kittens and the little suply’s around them.
    i love it.

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