Wedding album coloring book


Get your very own, totally customized wedding album coloring and activity book! Yes, you heard it right: You can get a 16-pages coloring and activity book filled with color-in pictures of the bride and groom, the family, and other wedding guests. This is a very fun way for people of every age to create a personal memory of your wedding. And if you keep a few uncolored originals for your kids, they will appreciate this change from the generic coloring books out there.



Based on photos you send me, I will create detailed outlines by hand and merge them with the illustrations of the album. You will get PDF files ready to be printed, either at home, at a printshop or by ordering a ‘photo’ book.

This is an example of printing two pages on A4 or US letter, then folding in half to make a nice softcover brochure-style album. This is very affordable and can be done for all guests of the wedding:


And here is an example of having a bound photo book. This feels very high quality, but is of course a bit more costly:


Here are some inside pages:





And here is a colored page from the brochure-style version:


Here is a demo album as a PDF file:

Demo Album PDF

You can use this album in two ways: Send it after the wedding to guests, friends and family as a very special memory. Or prepare it before the wedding, to give it away at the wedding as a favor.

Here is a table of contents:


  • Title page: “The Wedding of … and …” (or any other title you suggest)
  • Pages 2 and 3: “… and … tie the knot – color the scene”
  • Page 4: “What is young (groom) playing with? Draw him some toys”
  • Page 5: “…, (groom’s) Best Man”
  • Page 6: “What is young (bride) playing with? Draw her some toys”
  • Page 7: “…, Maid of Honor”
  • Page 8: “The Parents of the Bride”
  • Page 9: “The Parents of the Groom”
  • Page 10: Draw 16 reasons why (bride) loves (groom)”
  • Page 11: Draw 16 reasons why (groom) loves (bride)”
  • Page 12: “(bride) and (groom) are running late – draw what took them so long”
  • Page 13: “Where should (bride) and (groom) go on honeymoon? Draw their honeymoon selfies”
  • Page 14 and 15: “What would (bride) and (groom) bring to a lonely island?”
  • Page 16 (back): “Lead (bride) and (groom) to each other through the maze! Draw 5 things they share along the way!”

So, how do you get the album?

You can order the custom wedding album coloring and activity book here in my Etsy store. I will need some pictures from you of the people involved. The nice thing is that these don’t have to be high quality photos. I can work with almost anything, be it underexposed, slightly blurry or wrong colors.

The store page contains a detailed description of what I need from you and how the ordering works. If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

You will get three PDFs: One containing single. consecutive pages; one with single, consecutive pages, but where the two double-page spreads are on a single page; and one where two pages are arranged on each page in the right order so that you can duplex print them, stack them and staple them to make a brochure. In addition, you will get each page as a 300dpi JPEG image