A new mascot


I wanted to have a simple, easy to build mascot that I could use in header graphics for Twitter and Google+. It’s a shelf sitting cube guy:



This one is really easy to make. Here is the template:

Digitprop mascot

And here is a blank template, if you want to draw a face yourself:

Blank template

Also, if you like this, you might want to check out the couple I made for Valentine’s day.

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  1. Bhavini Damani,

    This is so cute…:):) I loved it!
    I had a request..well because friendship day is coming near, would it be possible for you to make something beautiful for the same? :) I wanted to gift something to my friends.. Please, say yes..! Thanks:)

    1. admin,

      Hi, thanks for the comment! As for your request, I am very sorry, but I am extremely busy at the moment. Unfortunately these are urgent projects, to I cannot squeeze in extra work.

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  4. Luna,

    Already made three of these, two in red, with more on the way. My father is charmed beyond words by these and has demanded that they be made in different colours and put all over the house. Thanks for these, they are GREAT!

    1. admin,

      Thanks! I like your father’s enthusiasm for the little boxy guy!

    1. admin,

      No, not at all. In fact, yours is pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!

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