N is for Ninja


Congratulation: If you made all other letters in alphabetical order, you are now halfway there – this is the 14th of the 26 letters.

In typical ninja fashion, this guy is quite sneaky: If you approach him from the front, he looks just like a plain and inconspicuous letter N. Only if you look at the side, you will notice that this is a fierce ninja ready to jump at you from out of the shadows.

Having the ninja clad in the black signature clothes is actually historically pretty inaccurate. The black ‘uniform’ originates with the Japanese Kabuki theater. However, nobody would recognize a ninja if it weren’t for the black clothes – ironically, as they were supposed to make the stage hands in the Kabuki theater invisible.

You will find the other 25 letters of the papercraft alphabet here.

Here is the template as a PDF file.

I got a request for a version without sword, suitable for small children – here it is.

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  2. Dw,

    Hi, great site and wonderful creations!

    I’m putting together the N right now and just noticed that there is a tab missing on the pdf. Where the sword should go, also on the sword less version as well

  3. David,

    Is it just mine or is the N not supposed to connect on the sword edge? It looks like it was split open with the sword, but then again, maybe I connected the two N sides incorrectly?

    1. admin,

      You are right, the N does not connect to the sword edge; that is, the sword is sticking out from the side of the letter. Maybe the pictures are a bit misleading, but the N is not supposed to be split open (good idea, by the way, maybe I will try a redesign).

  4. Anne,

    Love love love your alphabet! I’m starting with this fabulous sneaky ninja then working my way through all of them for my toddler (well maybe I’m making them more for me… ).

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