2015 - March

P1350653 Alphabeticals: My papercraft alphabet as a book

Great news: My papercraft alphabet is coming out as a book! So for those of you who felt that printing and cutting out the 26 letters was a bit too much of a time investment (which, frankly, I absolutely understand), here is your chance of making the alphabet:   The letters in the book are […] Read more

P1340535 Exhibiting at the Aero Expo, April 15-18, Friedrichshafen

For the aviation fans among you, this might be interesting: I will exhibit paper art at the Aero Expo. The Aero is a global trade show for general aviation, taking place in Friedrichshafen, Germany (near the very beautiful Lake Constance) April 15-18. I will be part of a very nice art show called ‘AEROkunst’ which […] Read more

2014 - December

featured Planetary Baubles

Prompted by a comment from Marcus (thanks for the great idea!), I have turned the paper planets into Christmas baubles. They actually turned out very nice, and in mid-air from a tree gives off a much more planetary impression than when they sit on a shelf. And they are easy to make, too. When assembling the […] Read more

featured Dino calendar 2015 edition

Upon popular request, I have updated the original dino calendar for the year 2015. Not only that, but I have created a new violet variant for the new year. You can find the new template below, as well as templates for weekly and monthly cards. The original, green, dino can be found here, and there is […] Read more

2014 - November

planets_featured Solar system

Something for astronomy geeks: Our solar system as a DIY papercraft kit. The set contains all eight planets, sad little pluto who not too long ago got demoted to 'dwarf planet', and - of course - our home star, the sun. Read more

2014 - October

P1340229 Speaking paper parrot

Today I wanted to share a little prototype I was working on for a charity event. It’s not yet finished, but well on its way. This is a money collecting box with a parrot sitting on top of it. Whenever someone drops money in the box, the parrot says something.   Here is a video: […] Read more

2014 - September

grumpy_manekineko_featured Grumpy (un?)lucky cat

You may remember the paper maneki-neko or lucky cat I made a while ago. Today, I made an update to the design – meet grumpy maneki-neko. She (did you know grumpy cat is a female?) doesn’t seem to be happy, and what she does, doesn’t exactly look like beckoning. In fact, I think she is […] Read more

frankenstein_featured Frankenstein and Friend

Halloween is coming up in a few days, and here is an appropriately themed pair of models: It’s Dr. Frankenstein and his monster. And since there are still some people out there who think the monster’s name is Frankenstein, the two have donned tee shirts that explicitly make clear who is who. By the way, the name […] Read more

P1330439 Sandbox toys

We recently spent a few very nice days at the sea. I knew there would be a beach with very neat sand, and so I prepared some toys for the kids. Before I go into details, I should mention that a short while ago I bought a 3D printer kit (which, by the way, works […] Read more

argh_feature 3D typography: Argh!

And finally, after Blam! and Yeah, we end the 3D typography series on a somewhat darker note: Argh, it’s already sinking… This one, as opposed to Blam! and Yeah, consists of six different pieces that need to be set up correctly. If that’s too cumbersome for you, I suggest gluing them to some support. Here […] Read more

blam_feature 3D typography: Blam!

Recently, I started experimenting with 3D typography in the form of bold, blocky words. Here is the first result: I have to admit that this model is somewhat difficult to build: The shape of the letters, when extruding into the third dimension, form a lot of nooks and crannies. If you still want to try […] Read more

P1330906 QR Cat

A free template which you can customize with a QR code pointing to your website (or twitter, facebook, whatever you desire). Just enter a text, click the button and download the PDF. Read more

2014 - April

egghats_590 Just in time for Easter: Egg hats

Here is a silly little idea I had for Easter: Egg hats. They actually turned out quite nicely, and are a nice touch to colored or plain eggs. And they are made completely from paper. We have: … the top hat for the distinguished egg head:       …the fedora, for eggs of fashion: […] Read more

box500 The groceries game

Here is something for kids learning basic math: The groceries game is about going to the supermarket and shopping for everyday groceries. So how does it work? First of all, this is not a competitive game. There is no winner or loser. You just buy and sell items to your co-players. However, I found that […] Read more

2014 - March

bear Pseudo origami animals

    This was a commissioned work I did for a company, as promotional items for a trade show. The idea was to provide easy, precut templates that would fold into origami-like animals effortlessly and without glue. We wanted to give people something they could play with, even if they had never done any kind […] Read more

shoe Learn to tie your shoelaces

Even in this day and age of velcro, kids should learn how to tie their shoelaces. You can use a real shoe for that, but depending to what extent that shoe was in use before, this can get a bit messy. I have created a little learning tool for my kids: It’s basically a flat […] Read more

2014 - February

devil_elephriend_590 And another elephriend custom: Devil

    Ok, here is the third (and possibly final) installement of my three-piece series of elephriend customs: The devil elephriend.   He is the evil (and grumpy) counterpart to the angel elephriend. Here is the template. PS: The third one is the steampunk elephriend. Read more

angel_elephriend2 Elephriend angel

Here is another custom elephriend, based on the template published by the Urban Paper Collective: The angel. Here is the template PS: Here is the counterpart, the devil elephriend. And here is the first one, a steampunk elephriend. Read more

steampunk_elephriend_590 Elephriend custom design

The Urban Paper Collective has released a ‘platform toy’, the ‘Elephriend’. What they mean by platform toy is that this is a blank papercraft template that you can use as a starting point for your own designs. Well, I did, and the result is this steampunk elephriend:       Here is the printable PDF […] Read more

underthesea_card Birthday party theme: Under the sea

My daughter’s birthday is coming up, and she asked to have a theme: Under the sea. Today, we started on the invitation cards: Not too shabby, don’t you think? At least my daughter liked it. I will post more on the theme once the party is over.   Read more

female_scientist2a Cubicity model #024: Female scientist

  Just made the latest addition to the Cubicity set: A female scientist. This was a custom request by a reader, Trudy, who rightfully felt that women were a bit underrepresented in Cubicity. So, here she is:   She has a beaker in her other hand, which makes her both a chemist and a physicist […] Read more

numbers01 Numbers

Here is a set of very educational paper toys: The numbers from 1 to 10. Not just simple numbers, though - these come with a trick: Each number has a length proportional to it's numeric value. So two is double the length of one, three is 1.5 times longer than two, and so on. That means that it's very easy to do math with these numbers, in particular subtractions and additions. It's so easy, in fact, that my 3 year old son (who knows what the numbers look like, but can't actually add or subtract) spontaneously started doing math with them. Read more

2014 - January

mascot A new mascot

I wanted to have a simple, easy to build mascot that I could use in header graphics for Twitter and Google+. It's a shelf sitting cube guy. This one is really easy to make, so feel invited to download the PDF template. Read more

2013 - December

500x590 2014 update of the stegosaurus calendar – Monthly and weekly cards

A lot of people have asked me if I will provide 2014 cards for the stegosaurus calendar. Good news: I finally managed to update the cards. (Den Kalender und die Karten gibt’s auch auf Deutsch, und zwar hier) I have made monthly and weekly cards, so you can choose according to your preference. Speaking of […] Read more

flowergun Flower gun

A nice little paper toy gun, marrying peaceful hippie style to the lethal force of frontloaded 17th century muskets. Read more

2013 - November

camera Paper instant camera

Here is a kind of ‘interactive’ model and actually quite a nice toy: A ‘working’ instant camera made from paper:   So, what do I mean by working? Well, you can turn the crank on the right-hand side and the camera will output a picture you have taken. The mechanism is robust enough to work […] Read more

2013 - March

P1250064 Clown invitation card

I haven’t posted in a long while, and the reasons are twofold: First, my job is currently keeping me extremely busy, which hopefully is a temporary problem only. And second, I am currently working on a papercrafting project that is much more complex than originally anticipated. I hope it will soon see the light of […] Read more

2012 - December

2012-12-02 22.38.36 Stegosaurus calendar: 2013 edition

Just in time for the end of this year (and Christmas, in case you want to make this as a gift for someone), I have updated the stegosaurus calendar (you will find the template for the stegosaurus itself behind this link). This time, I have decided to make cards for a weekly calendar as well as […] Read more

P1230813 Phone directory cards for the stegosaurus

Another use for the stegosaurus calendar is as a telephone directory. Here are suitable cards: Actually, the use as a directory and calendar is not mutually exclusive: You can put the calendar cards in front, and the directory cards behind them: And here is the PDF.     Read more

Blank cards for the stegosaurus

You may remember the stegosaurus calendar. In addition to its use as a calendar, you can do all kinds of other things with it. In order to facilitate this ‘hacking’, I have prepared a template for blank cards: Here is the PDF. Read more

P1230815 Tutorial: How to build the stegosaurus calendar

Here is a quick photo tutorial for those of you who want to build the stegosaurus calendar. Very importantly, make sure that you use thick enough cardboard. Something in the range of 300 g/sqm is fine. If the cardboard / paper is too light, the model will easily warp and the cards may no longer […] Read more

2012 - November

Nativity scene update: The wisemen

I had some requests for adding the wisemen to the nativity scene template I posted about a year ago. So right before Advent Sunday, here they are: See the original post for the downloadable PDF template. Read more

2012 - October

P1220433 Lucky cat – alternative design

Following up on my previous post of a Maneki Neko / Lucky Cat, here is an alternative design courtesy of my five year old daughter (if you are more interested in the original, more traditionally textured model, click here): She decorated a blank test model with a black felt-tip pen. This is probably just a […] Read more

skeleton Halloween special – papercraft skeleton

Here is a quick little papercraft project for Halloween – a skeleton for the kids: This one is quite easy to make, however you may need to tweak it a bit in order to have it stand stably. Here is the PDF template: skeleton.pdf Want even more Halloween fun? Here is Frankenstein and his monster. Read more

manekineko Maneki Neko – Lucky cat

Finally a new model, and  frankly one that I’m a bit proud of – after all, it did require quite some work to get it right in the end. And it’s my first one with movable parts. It’s a  lucky or beckoning cat,  popular in Japan and China (where I got the inspiration, when I […] Read more

2012 - September

P1210166 Peacock penholder

I admit this is “somewhat” kitschy, but it can still make for a nice little gift for children, if you want to give them a set of pencils or felt-tip pens (kids love kitsch). It’s a peacock pen-holder: In case you wonder what the golden scribbles mean, and if they maybe are the next Voynich […] Read more

2012 - August

P1190915 Tutorial on making the alphabet letters

Update: The alphabet is now available as a beautifully printed book. Since it contains the letters already precut, it saves a lot of time. I noticed that the papercraft alphabet created some interest among people who are not (yet) experienced in papercrafting. Therefore, some letters turned out to be a bit too difficult for some, which […] Read more

2012 - July

P1190865 Matryoshka dolls

This is my take on the matryoshka theme: Six women from all walks of line, nested one inside the other: Of course, from a practical point of view, these dolls are somewhat lacking. As opposed to the ‘real’ matryoshka dolls made of wood, the paper version is very fragile and a bit finnicky to open […] Read more

alphabet_collage Papercraft alphabet

A complete alphabet where each letter visually represents a word starting with that respective letter. The papercraft alphabet bridges the gap between the visual appearance of letters and their phonetic sounds. Read more

P1190654 Z is for Zebra

Here it is – the last letter of the alphabet. Congratulations if you made all 26 letters!   You will find the other 25 letters of the papercraft alphabet here. Here is the template as a PDF file. Read more

P1190671 Y is for Yak

This is basically the single one animal starting with the letter ‘Y’ both in English and German. If you have made all 24 letters coming before this one in the alphabet, you will be relieved to fnd that this one is very easy to make. You will find the other 25 letters of the papercraft […] Read more

P1190648 X is for X-ray

This is what it looks like when you x-ray a letter – you did know that they are made of flesh and bones, right? You will find the other 25 letters of the papercraft alphabet here. Here is the template as a PDF file. Read more

P1190645 W is for Walrus

Walrus are strange animals, when you look at them closely. Even more so when they are turned into the shape of the letter W. You will find the other 25 letters of the papercraft alphabet here. Here is the template as a PDF file. Read more

P1190641 V is for Vampire

Vampires seem to be quite en vogue these days. Well, I prefer the old-school ones over their ‘new millenium’ counterparts. I was slightly tempted to include a bit of blood tripping from one of the canines, but then I didn’t want to have to explain to my five year old daughter about the staple diet […] Read more

P1190638 U is for UFO

Turns out there are surprisingly few concrete nouns in English starting with the letter ‘U’. And technically, UFO is not a noun but an acronym. Anyway, I think for the purpose of the papercraft alphabet, this works quite nicely: You will find the other 25 letters of the papercraft alphabet here. Here is the template […] Read more

P1190633 T is for Tiger

The tiger is again easy to make. I realized soon after having finished the design, that he looks much more clueless and much less fierce than his relative, the lion. Sorry, tiger – you may be in for a redesign in the future. You will find the other 25 letters of the papercraft alphabet here. […] Read more

P1190629 S is for Snake

The snake is vaguely modelled after the Garter snake (with different colors, obviously). It is once again somewhat difficult to build, with all the curvatures. Prepare to be patient with this model and glue segment for segment, making sure that each part is solidly sticking before moving on to the next one. You will find […] Read more

P1190625 R is for Rainbow

What better thing to represent the letter ‘R’ than a colorful rainbow? I have to warn you that the ‘R’ is a bit difficult to build, what with the small inner space and the many angles. You will find the other 25 letters of the papercraft alphabet here. Here is the template as a PDF […] Read more

P1190621 Q is for Quetzalcoatl

Ok, I admit it wasn’t easy to come up with something representing the letter Q. Quetzalcoatl is the best I could do. Quetzalcoatl is a mesoamerican god whose name means ‘feathered serpent’. He is one of the more important Aztec deities. You will find the other 25 letters of the papercraft alphabet here. Here is […] Read more

P1190618 P is for Parrot

The parrot is once again an easy template, except maybe for the curvature of the beak. Very importantly, don’t forget to glue a small weight into the base – such as a small coin. Otherwise, the parrot will fall over.   You will find the other 25 letters of the papercraft alphabet here. Here is […] Read more

P1190614 O is for Orange

Making the orange ‘O’ is a bit difficult because of the inner ring. I suggest you start with gluing it to one side, then the outer ring to the same side, then cover everything with the other side. You will find the other 25 letters of the papercraft alphabet here. Here is the template as […] Read more

P1190612 N is for Ninja

Congratulation: If you made all other letters in alphabetical order, you are now halfway there – this is the 14th of the 26 letters. In typical ninja fashion, this guy is quite sneaky: If you approach him from the front, he looks just like a plain and inconspicuous letter N. Only if you look at […] Read more

P1190668 M is for Monster

Beware of the fear-inducing monster that is the letter M: You will find the other 25 letters of the papercraft alphabet here. Here is the template as a PDF file. Read more

P1190607 L is for Lion

The animal to use for the letter L was obviously quite easy to decide: The majestic lion. You will find the other 25 letters of the papercraft alphabet here. Here is the template as a PDF file. Read more

P1190602 K is for Kangaroo

Technically, this letter is actually two animals – mother kangaroo and her joey in the pouch. I should warn you that cutting out and assembling this letter is a bit challenging – the parts around the faces are quite small. You will find the other 25 letters of the papercraft alphabet here. Here is the […] Read more

P1190599 J is for Jester

The jester is relatively easy to build, however you should take care to glue a small weight (such as a cent coint) inside the base, otherwise he will fall over on his face. You will find the other 25 letters of the papercraft alphabet here. Here is the template as a PDF file. Read more

P1190596 I is for Indian

Enjoy the easiest to build letter – the Indian. He is wearing a sherwani, in case you were wondering. You will find the other 25 letters of the papercraft alphabet here. Here is the template as a PDF file. Read more

P1190593 H is for Handshake

Probably the most abstract of the papercraft letters – the handshake: I only realized after the fact that these guys have but one hand. Well, I think the letter still works as it is, but maybe this is a good candidate for a revised version sometime in the future. You will find the other 25 […] Read more

P1190591 G is for Gorilla

The papercraft gorilla for the letter G: You will find the other 25 letters of the papercraft alphabet here. Here is the template as a PDF file. Read more

P1190589 F is for Fly

Ok, I admit I had struggled a bit with the animal for the letter F. Flies are not exactly my – or, I imagine, most people’s – favourite pet: No need to even pretend this is cute, but hey – there aren’t too many animal names starting with the letter F both in English and […] Read more

P1190661 E is for Elephant

And another letter animal – the elephant: You will find the other 25 letters of the papercraft alphabet here. Here is the template as a PDF file. Read more

P1190585 D is for Doctor

The doctor is in: And not only does he administer absolutely painless treatments for all your health-related woes, he is also part of the papercraft alphabet. Here is the template as a PDF file. Read more

2012 - June

P1190582 C is for Chameleon

This colorful C-shaped chameleon is part of the papercraft alphabet. If you are interested in a more realistic looking chameleon (well, sort of), I have a full-fledged chameleon model as well – look here. Here is the template as a PDF file. Read more

P1180857 B is for Beaver

Obviously, this beaver has eaten its share of water lillies. Here is the template as a PDF file. And here is the rest of the alphabet. Read more

P1180853 A is for Astronaut

So, here it is – the first letter of the papercraft alphabet. The astronaut: Here is the template as a PDF file. Read more

2012 - April

P1180153 Scientist dino

Nothing to see here, just a dinosaur doing science. His biggest weakness? Meteorites and volcanism. His biggest strength? The theory of evolution. He’s a strong believer in white labcoats and safety goggles. Here is the PDF template. Read more

P1180114 Pirate fish

Arrr… yes, mate, your eyes aren’t betraying you – this here is a pirate fish: And not the Somali kind either, but a true buccaneer, navigating the seven seas shipless. This one turned out nicer than I expected, therefore I almost feel inclined to make a whole crew – or should I say, school? – […] Read more

2012 - February

P1170116 Rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies

Ok, I’ll admit it: I’m officially an old man. I know Beatlemania is long over, and society has moved on, but what can I do – I’m still a Beatles fan. And as embarrasing as it may be, I especially like their classics. Such as Lucy in the Sky. And when you listen to that […] Read more

2012 - January

chromosomes XY chromosomes

Here is something for the science buffs – or, more specifically, the genetic engineers among you: The X and the Y chromosome: Well, Y here lacks an arm and is quite small, but he makes up for it with his charms and not a small dosage of confidence. X, on the other hand, is all […] Read more

P1160929 Rotating image valentine card

This is a valentine card with a special trick – when you rotate the image, it changes. I found this very cool idea and concept on the Extreme Cards and Papercrafting blog, and more specifically on this page – a very nice blog with a wealth of unusual, eye-catching and beautiful papercraft projects. Here is […] Read more

cubicity_banner Collectible papercraft toys – Cubicity

I decided to start a ‘line’ of very, very simple papercraft toys. I’m calling it Cubicity, as these have a, well, rather square shape, and the overall topic is slightly urban. Well, actually the cubicity people come from all walks of life, and if you look closely you will even discover that some are from […] Read more

P1160737 Toucan

This is a small cardboard toucan: It can sit on the corner of, say, your NEC monitor. In order to make that work, you have to glue a small weight such as a coin to the inside of the feet, like so: This will give enough balance to keep the bird safely atop of any […] Read more

2011 - December

P1160451 Papercrafted weekly calendar stegosaurus

Another year begins, meaning it’s time for a new calendar. It just so happens I made a weekly-calendar-enabled stegosaurus: Now the most interesting feature of a stegosaurus, on which Wikipedia has to say quite a bit, are the plates. Large scaly disks, of which neither the exact configuration nor the function seems to be entirely […] Read more

P1150956 Three finger doll animals

Now that I have featured the fox, the crow and the bear finger dolls, I wanted to show you all three together. All three being forest beasts, they go together quite well, the cheeky crow, the sly fox and the relaxed bear. These are extremely easy to make, and should be doable for kids at […] Read more

P1150949 Finger doll crow

When it comes to finger dolls, it seems I have a slight bias for northern European forest beasts. Here is a crow: This one goes well with the fox and the bear. Here is the template as a PDF file. Read more

P1150946 Finger doll fox

Following the finger doll bear, here is his good friend the fox: Again, very simple to build, definitely worthwile as a beginner’s project. And here is the PDF template. Read more

P1150944 Finger doll bear

  As social creatures, we have the amazing ability to project a soul into virtually anything that has two eyes and a mouth. This opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to dolls. And sometimes the simplest dolls are the most loved ones. So I set out to create a couple of papercrafted […] Read more

2011 - November

P1150691 DIY advent calendar: Nativity scene

It is a dear tradition in our family to get the kids an advent calendar. Now, for this year I wanted to make something myself rather than buy a run-off-the-mill calendar. And of course, being an advent calendar, it should be related to the story of Christmas. Voila, enter the DIY nativity scene advent calendar: […] Read more

P1150677 Business card holding scientist

  Who says mad scientists aren’t good for anything? Take this guy – while working on his master plan to take over the world, he is happily holding your business card: But that’s not enough, nooo – he can hold a whole stack of business cards on his back: This is him when he is […] Read more

P1150672 Business card holding butler

  Here is one of the most pressing first world problems: Where to store your business cards. The solution: A very committed butler to hold them: He will patiently stay put on your desk and show your business card to visitors. Even better: On his back, he holds a whole stack of them cards. And […] Read more

P1150596 Papercraft piggy bank – globe edition

Seems the piggy bank is slowly becoming a series, now that we have a wood version and the Manhattan map version. Be sure to collect them all. Here is the blue planet piggy bank: Here is the PDF template. Read more

P1150594 Papercraft biggy pank – map edition

Turns out the piggy bank template is quite versatile.Here is a Manhattan map edition: The map is from the OpenStreetMap project. Here is the PDF template. Read more

P1150600 Papercraft piggy bank – wood edition

I’ve made a nice little template for a papercraft piggy bank. Exactly the right thing if you want to save up for a special occasion. Or to wrap up a monetary gift. It’s admittedly rather light, being made of paper and such. So to give it more weight, at least visually, I wrapped it in […] Read more

P1150608 Office rat

Meet Randy the office rat. He’s a pretty nice guy – if you know him better. In fact, Randy’s the coworker of your dreams. If you dream of coworkers like Randy, that is. And the best thing about Randy? It just so happens you can build him yourself. Here is the template in PDF format. Read more

2011 - October

P1150384 Take to the stars – paper rocket

This is fairly simple and doesn’t require glueing, although some precision cutting: A paper rocket made of interlocking parts: It’s not the most stable toy, and in fact is more something to look at than to play with. However, I like the kind of minimalistic charm of it. Here is how to assemble it: First, […] Read more

2011 - July

P1130012 Little toy cottage

This little project is quite a contrast to the previously made P-Body- Not surprisingly, actually, as this was commissioned by a 4-year old girl. And girlish it is indeed: A nice little cottage. This can be used as a toy, or just for decoration. The original template is a little small for playing, so you […] Read more

P1130019 Portal’s P-body in paper

Ok, so this is another somewhat nerdy papercraft, matching the Frankenturrets I did some time ago. It’s P-body, one of the two coop mode robots featured in Portal 2. This one was a bit tricky, as I had to compromise between the level of detail and complexity of the assembly. Therefore, it’s not entirely faithful […] Read more

P1120893 Chameleon

Don’t ask me how it came to pass, but I decided to make a papercraft chameleon. After some tweaking of the color scheme, I settled for a classical B/W and red combination.   The daughter dismissed it as a toy, lacking the cuddly factor. So I had to reluctantly move it over to the decorative […] Read more

2011 - June

Red lines (unconnected edges) in Pepakura

I work with the combination of Blender and Pepakura for creating paper models. Sometimes it so happens that a seemingly perfect model in Blender has unconnected edges in Pepakura. These show up as red lines and result in a model where two faces are not connected although they should be. There are several causes. One […] Read more

2011 - May

From Blender to Pepakura to Corel Draw to CraftRobo

Blender is an excellent open-source 3D modelling application. Pepakura Designer (short: Pepakura) is a very useful tool for papercrafting, which converts 3D models to 2D templates which can be printed on paper, cut and assembled into the original 3D model. The two are a great combination for papercrafting. In fact, I found the combination of […] Read more

frankenturret6 I give you Portal 2’s Frankenturret in paper

Hello, test subjects – Cave Johnson here. I give you – a paper model of the Portal 2 Frankenturret. It’s somewhat finnicky to assemble, I admit that, but it will be the best Frankenturret your desk has seen in a while, I assure you. You may want to build more than one, though, as they […] Read more

2011 - April

gentleman4 The gentleman dinosaur

May I introduce you to the gentleman dinosaur: He is as distinguished as he is obsolete. That’s the way things go these days. If you want to assemble him, here is the template (see also instructions here): Corel Draw PDF PDF + GSD (Craft Robo) SVG Read more

herbie3 A velociraptor named Herbie

Most of you will be too young to remember Herbie, the sentient Volkswagen Beetle created by Disney in more innocent times. Speaking of innocence, here is a slightly more dangerous version: I give you – the Herbieraptor. Read more

killbill2 Velociraptor bride is out to kill Bill

Aren’t you tired of the run-of-the-mill tame velociraptor? Well, here is a deadly variety – and it’s a lady. She has been wronged, and is now on a rampage to set things straight. How more deadly can it get? And she is armed, as well. With a Hattori Hanzo sword, no less: About time for […] Read more

velociraptor7 Velociraptors at the races

They are called velociraptors for a reason – these guys are fast: And they are dressed to – no, not to kill, but to race. With their primary colors and fancy racing stripes, these guys are the envy of fashionistas all over the world. It’s not getting any more hipsteriffic. And here is the good […] Read more

complete_model2 Paper model of the Reddit logo

This is my stab at a paper model of the Reddit logo. The rounded shapes of the logo do not lend themselves well to papercrafting, and so a paper model will either be very complicated to assemble or inaccurate. I took the easy road and made a rough approximation, which only looks good from the […] Read more

P1100885 Nuclear Boy and his digestively impaired posse

Most of you will by now have seen the video of Nuclear Boy and his tummy problems. The media artist Kazuhiko Hachyia and the community have created a simultaneously hilarious and touching PA-style film which explains in a child-friendly way what’s going on at Fukushima. Imagine the confusion and fear experienced by children in the […] Read more

2011 - March

art2 Art for minifigures

Sometimes the world of Lego® minifigures – as colorful as it may be – can be a bit mundane. Here is something to give it more style: High art. Hanging these up is significantly easier than with the real thing: Just align the holes in the flaps with the stubs of the wall bricks, and […] Read more

sheep03 Sheep

What would the world be without sheep? A sad, desolate place, that’s what. And to contribute to the sheepness of our nice little universe, here is a paper sheep: And lo and behold, you can make your very own, just by downloading, printing, cutting and gluing the template below. Admittedly this sheep is not as […] Read more

hippo03 Hippo

Here is company for the dog and the cow: A hippo. This is admittedly somewhat complicated to assemble. The head is curved, and getting the curvature right takes a little bit of patience. The rest of the model is very simple, but the head can give you, well, some headache. Here it is in a […] Read more