Pseudo origami animals




This was a commissioned work I did for a company, as promotional items for a trade show. The idea was to provide easy, precut templates that would fold into origami-like animals effortlessly and without glue. We wanted to give people something they could play with, even if they had never done any kind of papercrafting or origami before.


Honestly, if you take origami seriously, this is sacrilege. Cutting a piece of paper to make it look like an origami model is the very antithesis of the original idea, but in the end it was clear that true origami would be too inaccessible for the average casual trade show visitor.

Anyway, people liked the animals – a lot. This is what the precut templates looked like before folding: The bear…



… and the rhino:




And here are both after folding:





The rhinoceros consists of two pieces, the head and the body. The head is held in place by a thin center cut that goes over the horn:


Interestingly, we had the final, folded versions as giveaways, but everyone asked for the unfolded templates. They wanted to do the folding themselves.

Here are the templates. Since these were designed to be machine cut, they are a bit complicated to cut manually, especially the rhino, but certainly not impossible.


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