Digitprop – Paper design

Flower gun

Ok, the (admittedly a bit crazy) design of this toy was prompted by my 3 years old son who – not unusual for his gender and age – is somewhat fixated on guns. I am not exactly thrilled by his infatuation with guns, and I certainly don’t want to promote it.

So that made me think: A complete gun embargo would just increase the lure of the forbidden. What, then, should a gun look like which is completely harmless, possibly even peaceful? A hippie gun – a flower gun:

And what can I say, this unlikely cross between a B movie space gun and a blunderbuss (the widening muzzle of which is supposed to facilitate front loading) was a full success: My kids loved it.


Well, this gun is still fun even if you’re at the wrong end of the barrel:


They pretend shoot each other with ‘daisies’, so much so that the gun is now called the ‘daisy gun’ in our household (although the muzzle looks nothing like a daisy blossom, but heck we are not botanists).

I have no photo tutorial as of now, but the gun is relatively easy to build. I have labeled the flaps and corresponding edges with numbers, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out which part goes where.

Here is the PDF template.