Scientist dino


Nothing to see here, just a dinosaur doing science.

His biggest weakness? Meteorites and volcanism.

His biggest strength? The theory of evolution.

He’s a strong believer in white labcoats and safety goggles.

Here is the PDF template.

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  1. Belle, Reply

    Wow. I really love all your templates! Especially this Dino.Your template downloads are the best I ever found on the internet.

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  3. Lisa, Reply

    Made one with a slight alteration for a friend whose avatar is a Ukulele Playing Scientist T-Rex…wonderfully done!

    1. admin, Reply

      Ha, nice! Come to think of it, the ukulele might be the only instrument suitable for T’s tiny arms. Poor guy…

    1. admin, Reply

      Usted puede utilizar casi cualquier tipo de papel, siempre y cuando sea lo suficientemente resistente. Sugiero papel 160-190g/sqm.

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  6. Gail, Reply

    This is FANTASTIC! I’m dying to make one to put in my lab, though none of the guidelines are showing up on the pdf….

    1. admin, Reply

      Yes, I am very sorry – I messed up when converting the file to a PDF. It’s fixed now, I have replaced the file with the correct version with guidelines. Thank you for letting me know of the problem!

  7. James, Reply

    I am super excited for this as I am big fan of both dinosaurs and science, but when I looked at the PDF template, it looked like there were lines missing to make the body. I’ve tried updating my PDF reader to no avail. Any help you can provide would be most appreciated. Thanks for the awesome work!

    1. admin, Reply

      Sorry, you are absolutely right. The problem was a mistake I made when converting to a PDF file – I have fixed it now!

  8. Renoir82, Reply

    Hi there, looking forward to making this model however the above pdf does not seem to show lines of where to cut etc, there does not seem to be any outline of the white area…

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  10. carey, Reply

    i absolutely adore this–i work for scientists so i can’t wait to make this for my office. Thank you!!!!! 😀

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