Collectible papercraft toys – Cubicity


I decided to start a ‘line’ of very, very simple papercraft toys. I’m calling it Cubicity, as these have a, well, rather square shape, and the overall topic is slightly urban. Well, actually the cubicity people come from all walks of life, and if you look closely you will even discover that some are from fairy land, but I’m happy enough with ‘cubicity’.

These are essentially small boxes (3cm high) which are extremely simple to assemble. The idea is to have toys that are fun to play with and robust enough to last some time. The boxes can be opened and flattened in an instance, making these very portable. The ideal toys to take on a trip, or have the kids kill some time while on an errand with mom/dad.

Making these from paper based on downloadable PDFs, it’s no big deal if they get lost or damaged. Replacement is a matter of 5 minutes of printing and folding (and glueing one flap, so that you can rightfully say you ‘constructed’ these).

I have started a dedicated page for them – they won’t appear on the home page, as there will be a lot of updates – one for each boxy person, and the collection is still growing.

Click here for details and downloadable templates.

On a related note, I am very happy that Cubicity has inspired other people to expand upon the theme: Adrian has sent me a link to his DeviantArt project.

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