Papercrafted weekly calendar stegosaurus


Another year begins, meaning it’s time for a new calendar. It just so happens I made a weekly-calendar-enabled stegosaurus:


Now the most interesting feature of a stegosaurus, on which Wikipedia has to say quite a bit, are the plates. Large scaly disks, of which neither the exact configuration nor the function seems to be entirely clear.

Turns out for a papercraft calendar, the scales conveniently double as tabs for the weeks. Each week is printed on a separate page, the tab / plate indicating the first day of that particular week.

You can take the week cards out, scribble on them and sort them any way you need. For heavy duty scheduling purposes, you can flip through them or even lay them out on your desk.

And when you are not busy scheduling things, old stegosaurus will take care of your calendar cards just fine.

And, oh – did I mention this – you can build this guy yourself. Here is the template:

The first PDF contains the actual dinosaur template, the other PDFs contain six weekly cards each. You will need all 54 cards (52 weeks for the year, plus the last week of 2011 and the first one of 2013). Admittedly, a lot of cutting, but at least the cards need no folding / glueing…


I have added a couple of posts concerning the stegosaurus calendar:


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    1. admin, Reply

      Not yet, but I will do the 2016 version soon. I’ll keep you updated via the newsletter once it is available.

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  4. Bri, Reply

    Just made this with my daughter for a school project on dinosaurs. She absolutely loves it. Thank You for the design!!

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  6. jet, Reply

    wooow this is a great idea to made a update , love that. I’m a big fan of recycling and durable craftings. thank you for the sharing and the templates. Well done

  7. Newrum, Reply

    Hey Markus
    I’ve just found your website and I’m glad that I did: it’s wonderful! Thanks for all the paper awesomeness 🙂 And for this cute calendar too. Saw that you’re preparing a 2013 version. So I’m waiting impatiently 🙂

  8. Regina, Reply

    Hallo Markus!
    Ich bin gerade auf deine Seite gestoßen und bin sehr begeistert von deinen Papiermodellen!
    Den Stegosaurus würde ich auch gerne mal in Angriff nehmen. Leider ist ja schon fast Oktober, deshalb frage ich jetzt schonmal, ob du planst, für 2013 neue Kärtchen anzubieten? Das wäre super (aber hat ja noch Zeit)!
    Vielen Dank und mach bitte weiter so. 🙂

    1. admin, Reply

      Danke für den Kommentar! Ja, ich werde für 2013 neue Kärtchen machen. Diesmal nicht nur Wochenkärtchen, sondern auch 12 Monatskärtchen. Wenn man’s nicht so genau braucht, spart einem das ne Menge Arbeit. Dauert noch ein bisschen, aber rechtzeitig vor dem Jahresende wird’s soweit sein…

  9. Lilly, Reply

    ALL the things on your site are BRILIANT!
    I’m just really sorry I’ve discovered you so late in the year as this dino would have been a great present for someone I know.

    Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful projects.

  10. Susie, Reply

    I Love It!!! I am late to the game, having just discovered you through How About Orange, so not to be picky, what does “Woche” mean? It could be another language,ya know…please see PDF weekly cards 6…Woche…I am thinking about, and maybe you could help me, using the cards for flash cards for my grandson, each “stego plate” page being blank, he can even make his own flash cards. He can pull out a “stego plate” for spelling, times tables, words he has difficulty reading…etc. A little more fun this way, don’t ya think? So go pull a stego plate…

    1. admin, Reply

      Thanks for the comment. Good point about 2013 – I definitely will, so check back at the year’s end…

  11. Whorl, Reply

    Completed it tonight, thank you!
    By the way, you have a typo on December 12th in the calendar. No biggie really, just thought I’d let you know. (I only noticed it because it’s the day right next to my birthday)

    1. admin, Reply

      Thanks for letting me know! You are absolutely right- there was a superfluous ‘1’ in there. Sorry! I just fixed the typo and uploaded a new PDF file “stegosaurus_weeks9.pdf”.

  12. Tailor, Reply

    I printed this out to make and it’s sitting on my work desk. I may have to make 2 more cause I’ve shown it to 2 people so far and they both said “THATS SO CUTE~!!!” … probably more once I get it all put together. 😀 Thanks for the template!

  13. Malu, Reply

    It took me almost five hours to complete my calendar! But now it looks great on my desk. 🙂 Love it! Thanks for sharing!

    1. admin, Reply

      Thanks for the feedback. About the five hours: I know, the cutting takes quite some time…

  14. Bob, Reply

    saw this on…i’m making and giving it to friend for the new year…thanks for the template

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  17. rosanna, Reply

    Simpaticissimo! il tempo così trascorre allegramente. thanks a lot for template.ciao

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