Velociraptor bride is out to kill Bill


Aren’t you tired of the run-of-the-mill tame velociraptor? Well, here is a deadly variety – and it’s a lady. She has been wronged, and is now on a rampage to set things straight. How more deadly can it get?

And she is armed, as well. With a Hattori Hanzo sword, no less:

About time for Bill to start worrying about his future.

Here is how to assemble the bride: Cut out the five pieces, including the sword – but be careful not to get papercuts from it!

Most of the body folds are mountain folds. The feet need to be valley folded up:

Fold the two small pieces into wedges and glue them to the feet and legs:

Folding the head is more or less self-explanatory:

Once head and body are finished, glue the head to the body, at a slight offset:

If you want to assemble her, here is the template (see also instructions here):

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